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Stay fit and sexy while traveling to Krabi or anywhere else

For those of you who are usually gym rats or can’t live a day without working out, well it might be a time for a change to switch from a routine life to something unknown, exciting and challenging while being able to stay fit the whole trip through. We’d like to offer some rules for staying fit while traveling, be it here in Krabi or to any other amazing destination you might be headed to.

1. Run!

It’s time to leave your treadmill behind and say hello to new amazing trails that can differ every single day of your trip. Some of us are also runners so it’s our passion to always be on the hunt for a good running route.

Ao Nang beach is a beautiful prolonged beach to take a jog or a sprint along. Choose from either the pedestrian trail that runs right along the shore or kick the difficulty up a notch by running on the sand.

If you’re looking for somewhere a little quieter than Ao Nang beach, then head over to Klong Muang beach which offers an extended sandy route with a stunning panoramic ocean view.  

Krabi Town is another great option where you can run along the Krabi River. Start your run at the Crab Statue and end at Tara Park which you can explore afterwards. This is a common exercise spot for people in Krabi Town be it running, Yoga, biking, football, or any other sport you can image.


2. Swimming & Stand Up Paddleboarding

Come on, you are in a beach town, go out and take a swim along the Ao Nang beach or any other beach you are staying near. Since the whole West Coast of Krabi has rather shallow water, you’ll want to look out for high-tide or swim out a little further for deeper water. For personal safety, always be on the lookout for boat traffic and opt for areas of the beach that don’t have boats anchored along the shore. It’s also good to understand if tide is coming in our going out. If you’re not a strong swimmer then you can always get your swimming in during a snorkeling trip. Just remember to always be safe and aware of your physical abilities. Check all the island trips & Stand Up Paddleboarding trips you can do your excercise sessions.


3. Go for a hike or Train Running

Krabi is famous for both its limestone mountains and tropical beaches. But there’s is much more to do than just swimming in the tropical sea, you can also head out on land for an awesome day hike.

Tiger Cave Temple - located near Krabi Town. Here you will climb up about 1237 steps to the top of a mountain for the beautiful viewpoint and a large golden Buddha statue. We recommend doing this hike early in the morning or in the late afternoon before sunset. Both times offer lower temperatures and softer lighting for amazing photo’s that will make your friends and family jealous. Oh, and did we mention there’s monkey’s? You can do this trip on your own or join a trip

Khao Ngon Nak - a highly recommended day hike through Krabi’s tropical rainforest. The trail covers a distance of 3.7 km one way and climbs 535 meters high.  Trust me, you will thank yourself once you reach the summit. You can also do book a day trip to this incredible hike.

Ao Nang - there is a little hike towards to South end of the beach where you can take a forest trail with an ocean view along the side. The trail leads to a private beach which you can visit by simply signing in and out. Usually there will be an employee sitting next to the table.

Panom Benja - this is a great trekking trip that also offers the ability to spend a night camping on your way up. Make sure you have all your own gear and be ready for some bugs, snakes, and other little wild animals you will meet along the way. This is the highest summit of Krabi, so there is no need to explain how it feels to be at the top.


4. Thai Boxing

You can’t leave Thailand just yet if you haven’t tried traditional Thai boxing. There are several gyms all over Krabi. Sign up for a Thai Boxing Session in Krabi Town is an enthusiastic boxing environment to get sweaty. If you’re new, you will be taught the fundamental skills before your boxing sessions. Everyone will make sure you can do it right! If you think Thai boxing is just for men, you’d be wrong.


5. Yoga Classes & Local Gyms

But if you really want to hit the gym, there are many of them both in Krabi Town and Ao Nang as well as Yoga classes in various spots throughout the whole city. Otherwise, you may just pull out your goya matt and find a peaceful spot for your own streching session. It's free!


6. Urban Hiking

Your feet are the most amazing vehicles. Besides running on the recommended routes above, just make running a way to explore your new destinations. I did this all the time in every city in South America (we’re talking even high elevations in the Andes) and it always led me into something unexpectedly incredible. But here in South East Asia, we make sure you sweat! And while you do your hike, make some stops for these recommended local restaurants. 


7. Rock Climbing

You are right here in one of the most exitic climbing spots on Earth. If you haven’t rock climbed before, please do yourself a favor and give it a try! It’s a fun challenge. If you’re an experienced climber, perfect! It’s time to head out to Railay! See more details about rocklimbing sessions here. 


8. Bring Light workout-gears

It doesn’t hurt to add some useful extra weight into your backpack or suitcase while traveling. A yoga matt is always great for yoga, stretching, HiiT, some sit-ups, etc. Another smart item is a Resistance Band Workout (or a Rubber Band Workout). It is light and you can be creative with it in so many ways. Sporty clothes and shoes are probably already on your packing list.

Don’t worry about not being able to stay in shape while traveling. Trust me, you can manage both your mental and physical health, perhaps, even better than back home. Well provided you keep your drinking under control, but hey, it is your vacation, right? So you can enjoy every single bit of it however you’d like.