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Outfit Tips For a Temple Day


Traveling to Southeast Asia. How “appropriate” do I need to dress when visiting temples?

"Going to these tropical countries where I can be comfortable in swimsuits but there are also parts of these places that are religious. How should I dress properly?"

One of the most beautiful things about Southeast Asian countries is that there are many stunning natural wonders, to temples, and to beaches, even though you’re told to cover up before entering some religious places, you’ll still be traveling light.


Why covering up is important and appropriate when entering these places?

Temples were built upon beliefs and respects of people for a long time. Going to temples have been special and sacred moments for us/them to pay respects and faith of what is they believe in. Not showing too much of the body is symbolic of one's inner peace of mind when it is not disturbed by the beauty of human bodies, and also to pay respect to the place.

When you go to a temple like Tiger Cave Temple, you will spot a sign that tells you all the prohibitions. Do you need to cover yourself from head to toe? Don’t worry, here is some preparation we are going to give you before you take any temple trips and tours in Thailand.

What should you wear?

We have some tips and suggestions for the most comfortable and appropriate outfit for a temple day without bothering the weight of your day pack!

Tips for girls

If you are hopping right from the beach in your cute bikinis, having a light-fabric but not transparent loose kind of dress along is very useful as long as they are longer than booty shorts. Covering cleavage and shoulders are going to be part of the challenge. Carrying a shawl wouldn’t bother much of the space in your bag. You could also roll with a sleeve shirt with fisherman pants and shoes or sneakers, then you’re good to go!

Tips for guys

As simple and easy for you guys as long as you have a shirt and pants on with shoes or sneakers, you’re also good go to!

Any place on Earth has its own culture and story, and beyond what we wear is traveling and exploring these places with respect and curiosity which are the main keys to learn about each place, see, and understand the World. 

If you have any questions or suggestions on what to wear, comment us on Facebook, Instagram, and contact us from the website and we will be happy to help you out!