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Song Kran Festival - Guide to Prepare


All you need to know about Song Kran Festival!

Where it originally came from?

You might have heard “Thai New Year’s” alongside the term “Song Kran”. That’s right. It is a traditional Thai New Year’s where we celebrate with water all over the country! But not only Thailand that gets wet from North to South this time around, our neighbor countries are celebrating it, too, based from the same religious foundation tradition where India, Laos, Cambodia, and many in South and Southeast Asia.

It occurs on April 13th-15th OR 14th-16th every year. And aside from that, this is internationally known as the Thai Water Festival!


What happens during Song Kran?

Well, there are pretty much two main sides of Song Kran where you can find yourself in the “wet” Thailand, people splashing water all over, and lots and lots of parties.  But did you know why this water splashing culture came from?

The traditional side - In the buddhist beliefs, New Year is, of course,  for new things, so “washing away” old and bad lucks have always been practiced during this special holiday when people go to temple and gently pure water onto a buddha or even to our elderly family members for good wishes.  


The festive side - And we like having fun and since it is a summertime, usually the HOTTEST week of the year, we go out and celebrate by dressing up in colorful outfits and cooling ourselves down with water! SO welcome to the “Water Festival” or the “Water Fight”!


What you need to prepare?

1. What to wear

Getting wet will be part of your life during these 3 days, so make sure you’re wearing something you won’t have to worry about being all soaked. Although, what you wear depends on the place you are. There are places that are conservative, or places that are very opened. Be sure to check before you roll!


2. Getting Around

Traffic get very bad this time around outbound from Bangkok since most people from the city go back home to visit their families. It is recommended to plan ahead where you are going because tickets can sell out very quickly and also traveling can triple the time. So if you are in Bangkok, this is a good chance to experience it without traffic!


3. Safety

Traffic is the first thing you we need to be aware of because aside from roads being wet, drinking is commonly done and believe us, there will be drunk people driving. Make sure you’re not one of those, and always be careful while being on the road and still enjoy.

It is one of the most entertaining time of the year and we love to party. But again, respecting the culture and being careful with your life are the most important things!


DOs and DON'Ts

Do dress up colorful and fun

Do splash water gently to others

Do get your own water weapon (a water gun, a bucket, etc)

Do use water wisely

Do smile and say “Happy New Year” or “Sa Wad Dee Pi Mai” in Thai


Don’t drink and drive

Don’t go naked

Don’t physically harm others

Don’t use ice! We know it’s hot, but freezing water wouldn’t be fun.

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Happy New Year to you all and now go have fun!