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Koh Hong, the hidden gem of Andaman sea

Hong-island day trip will take you to several spots in the area rather than just Hong Island Itself. On your trip day, be ready to explore the fish and corals at different snorkeling spots you’ll be dropped at. If you are lucky with the weather, it shouldn’t be too dusty under the water so fingers crossed for the crystal clear day!

Try something different

Rather than the exitoc 7-island trip, 4-island tip , etc, one of the most unique island visit I would not miss is Hong-island day trip headed to the West off Krabi shore where you will be experience the exotic lagoon surrounded by beautiful limestone cliff, yes, just like a virtual paradise.

Departing on a beautiful wooden long-tail boat out to Andaman sea. We are lucky to be riding the boat on a sunny peaceful day with perfect weather so we would suggest checking the weather before booking your trip. Snorkel sets are provided on board as well as water, lunch, life jackets, and great staffs. You may bring other things on your own such as snacks, a book, some music, a beach towel, etc.

Koh Lao La Ding

Your first stop of pre-Hong Island is here on Koh Lao La Ding where you can find yourself just chilling on the beach, going for snorkel or take a little hike (literally a few minutes from where you are dropped off) to the other side of the beach to a little peaceful lookout to the horizon. I enjoy this spot a lot when you like it quiet and a bit mellow but at any spot, I just enjoy being on the beach.

Koh Hong

Well, just enjoy your few hours here for lunch on the beach and exploring beautiful limestone cliff backdrop with crystal clear water. You know no matter how old you get, you always feel younger in the ocean! I swim like a fish just exploring the World underwater. You pretty much have all the freedom to enjoy yourself on this beautiful island with your friends and family, or even if you are on your trip by yourself.

After stopping for lunch and a few hours of your own time, we are back on the boat again and now we are heading to the famous Hong lagoon. Hong, in Thai, means a room or an enclosed space. Here, it is as though you are walking into a room, but instead, you are on a boat riding through the water passage. If feels just like enter a palace.

And no matter how beautiful it is, please remember this will not stay with us forever if we keep throwing the garbage, feeding the fish, and kill the corals. So please keep in mind whenever you visit these incredible nature to be gentle with them so they can stay with us to the next generation's.Read about how you can be an awesome traveler who can help protect our nature