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These beautiful islands in the Andaman sea are annually closed in the total of 5 months during May - September every year due to the monsoon season and also to for nature to recover itself from the impact of tourism each year. The environmental impact from tourism, of course, leaves the decays of marine lives.

These are the islands you might need to remove from your bucket list if you are visiting Thailand during from May16th - September 15th, 2017;

  1. Surin Islands National Park, Pang Nga

  2. SImilan Islands National Park, Pang Nga

  3. Major islands at Lanta Island National Park, Krabi (Koh Rok island, Koh Haa islands, Hin Muang-Hin Daeng)

  4. Chao Mai National Park, Trang

  5. Major islands at Tarutao National Marine Park (Koh Adang island, Koh Rawi island, Koh Lipe island)

If you are planning some island trips while visiting Thailand during these times, don’t feel bad. There are many beautiful destinations to choose from island tours to jungle tours, from North to South, and from exploring to eating. Find out more about great lists of things to do! 

Fingers crossed for these islands to fully recover and stay beautiful for our next travel season and next generations to experience something like we do. That also requires all of us to take good care of all of them. Now, enjoy the World with mindfulness!