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TOP 20 THINGS To Do For Krabi First Timer

First time to Krabi? Here are 20 THINGS TO DO and more


Have you ever returned from a destination only to learn of some amazing things you missed that were right at your fingertips? If you plan to visit Krabi then island hopping is likely already on your itinerary but be sure to set aside time for other activities because Krabi is full of hidden gems and things you won’t want to miss! How much time do you need for Krabi? One night? Two nights? Well, to be honest you could easily spend at least week here and do something different every day. Here’s a list of recommended activities to help you build out your itinerary a decide on how long you’d like to stay here.


1. Explore Krabi Islands

Of course, islands. There are over 200 islands in the territory of Krabi. Although, most of the islands are accessible, there are many reserved ones that aren’t open for visitors. Since there are so many to choose from, we recommend to learn more about each island trip and choose ones that suit your travel style the most. Find out more about the island trips you can explore.


2. Long-tail boat through Mangrove Forest

Long tail boats go everywhere in Krabi, as well as most of Southern Thailand, as they are the main vehicle for fishermen to get around on the sea. There are many ways to explore Krabi’s wetlands like kayaking and paddle boarding, but the best way that will allow you to travel a good distance is definitely a local wooden long tail boat. Find out more about the Long-tail Sunset Cruise.


3. Local Markets

Visiting Krabi on a weekend? Head over to Krabi Town and take a stroll through the Weekend Walking Street where you’ll find endless street food, outdoor dining, handmade souvenirs, cocktail kiosks, music shows, postcards and even a stage that’s waiting for you to sing your heart out (yes, we’re talking about Karaoke culture!) If you’re staying in Krabi Town, than you can likely just reach the Weekend Walking Street by foot; however, if you’re staying in Ao Nang you can jump on a Song Taw to Krabi Town for 60 THB (each way). The Song Taw’s run between Ao Nang and Krabi Town until 10 PM. If you’re staying in another area of Krabi then be sure to read our post on “smart ways to get around Krabi”. Read more about The 8 Markets You Can't Miss in Krabi

The morning markets start at about 4 am - 11 am. Push yourself to get up at sunrise one morning to explore where locals get their regional groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables, and stop for a regional breakfast. This will probably seem like a terrible idea when your alarm goes off 6:30 am, but trust us, once you’re up and walking around you’ll be so glad you decide to listen to your alarm. Enjoy a wonderful local experience and get to see things that won’t happen if you miss the morning hours. Learn more about How To Choose Thai Fruits.


4. Party like a rockstar

Ao Nang at night can be just as fun and wild as you wish to have one of those memorable party nights hanging out with traveler friends and celebrate your edge of glory of your vacation in Thailand. Chang bar is recommeded as the most vibrant danceclub sourrounded by all the other bars. Although, if you are looking for something a little more chilled, there are also many to be found along the beach.

Krabi Town defiinitely offers a smaller scale of parties where you can actually sit down and catch up with your companions while enjoying your evening drinks. 

Phi Phi island is recommended for beach parties where you can be dancing barefoot and enoying drinks. From hip-hop to electro, to latino, Phi Phi parties have it all. Although be more aware since you are partying near the water, please be mindful of your own garbage, we don't want to see Phi Phi beaches filled with plastic.


5. Rock Climbing

Ok guys, we’re talking about the kind of climbing that rock climber’s fantasize about. Krabi is a World Class rock climbing destination that attracts rock climbers from around the world, newbies and professionals alike. Whether or not you have rock-climbed before, Railay Bay is the place to go. This location has a treasure of over 700 climbing routes to explore. With so many routes there’s one for everybody, regardless of your skill level. Climbing in Railay Bay is an experience you’ll never forgot and the views are absolutely amazing! Beginner climers must read this article. And find our more about Rocklimbing Trip here.


6. Kayaking

Kayaking can pretty much take you anywhere you could possibly paddle to! Some really good spots to check out are Mangrove Kayaking Ao Thalane, Bor Thor Cave Kayaking, or kayaking during the sunset hour. These locations offer both guided trips and gear rentals. Explore Kayaking Trips in Krabi here.


7. Sunset Stuff

Well, we are sunset people and there are few things we enjoy more than being outside during the golden hour. You can catch a beautiful sunset for free from much of the West Coast; however, there are a few trips that will heighten the sunset experience such as a Sunset Cocktail Cruise, Krabi River Cruise, or Sunset Kayaking. But really, watching the sunset from anywhere will still put a big smile on your face as you gaze into the tropical horizon. See this amazing Cocktail Sunset Cruise here.


8. Take a break from the sea and go for a hike

One of the best day hikes is at Khao Ngon Nak where you can find various routes which will give you unique views of Krabi’s wetlands and limestone mountains. Not to mention an epic view at the summit that stretches across the land and out into the Andaman sea. If you’re after a shorter hike to fill the morning or afternoon with, then consider visiting the Tiger Cave Temple where you’ll ascend 1,237 stairs to a reach a large golden Buddha statue and stunning panoramic. If you are looking for a multi-day trek complete with camping in the jungle then check out Pa Nom Ben Ja Mountain. Wonder if you can book Ngonnak Day Trip? Or how to get there by yourself?


9. Naka Music Festival

This annual music festival occurs in mid February every year (please Google the exact dates) on Klong Muang Beach and is hosted by the Tourism Authority of Krabi. You will get to enjoy free music and authentic food stands from selected restaurants from all over Krabi, complete with cocktails and beers! But more than anything, the best part is to just chill out and listen to live music while getting to bury your feet in the sand. If you wonder how you can get there, check out “smart ways to get around Krabi”.


10. Catch a sunrise

The Sun sets and it rises! Sadly, not a lot of people are awake for the later. We dare you to wake up early one morning while it’s still dark and take a hike to the summit of our favourite sunrise spot, Tiger Cave Temple. Don’t forget your camera and a bottle of water! Before most other visitors have gotten out of bed, you’ll have completed a workout by climbing up 1,237 stairs, watched a gorgeous sunrise and taken a selfie or ten with cute monkeys and epic views! Afterwards, head back to your hotel for a quick shower and you’ll feel refreshed and full of energy to take on the rest of the day. Read more about how to get to Tiger Cave Temple. How to get to Tiger Cave Temple? Or is there a tour for Tiger Cave Temple?


11. Southern food!

Oh my, if you’ve already been in Thailand for a little bit and are loving Thai food so far, let us show you another dimension to our country’s amazing food. Southern Thai cuisine is unique with a touch of turmeric spices, shrimp paste, regionally grown vegetables, locally caught seafood dishes, and more! For more information of what to order, check out this article How to Order Thai Food. Lern more about FOOD! And also a Thai Coking Class.


12. Koh Klang

Located just on the other side of Krabi Town, Koh Klang (or “the island in the middle”) is where you can explore the real local villages of nearly 5,000 residents who are farmers and fishermen. The flat land allows you to explore by bicycle, motorbike, or by hiring a local vehicle with a local guide on the island. This isn’t one of those dreamy white sand beach paradises, but it’s a place that’s filled with characters, culture and smiles. It’s definitely a trip worthy of your itinerary which can be done as either in just half a day. Take a Local Long-tail Cruise and explore this place.


13. Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

If exploring marine life by snorkeling and swimming near the beach is leaving you with a craving for more, then grab your fins and dive down a little deeper into the underwater world through scuba diving. Krabi is one of the most beautiful places in South East Asia to experience the otherworldly wonders that reside below the ocean’s surface. Scuba divers must read this article  deeper views in diving. 


14. Stay fit and workout

Tara Park is a local get-together spot and a place where people from Krabi go to exercise both in the mornings and evenings. You can take a walk to the park along a riverside path and explore some riverside restaurants, gaze out into mangrove forest views and just enjoy the walk. This place is perfect for those who like to exercise when you travel! Explore 3 Recommended Workout Spots in Krabi.


15. Bicycling

Krabi offers many beautiful bicycle routes that will help you explore Krabi from cycling along the beach, through palm and rubber plantations, to the Emerald pools and waterfalls, and more. Those who love to be active and go in your own manual speed must check out all the cycling trips that can happen in Krabi.


16. Natural Crystal Pools

There are various natural phenomenons that are created by the underground natural springs; which are actually all over Krabi. There are more than just the ones you find trip reviews on; however, some pools may be forbidden from visitors to help maintain the environment. Here are the spots we recommend you visit: Emerald Pool, Crystal Poolม Tha Pom Klong Song Nam, Sa Keaw, Saline Hotspring and many more that may have not been visited. You can easily make these trips happen by going on the operated jungle trips.


17. Experience Thai Elephants

There are many ways you can experiences elephants in Thailand. But how do you ensure that you’re not unknowingly bringing them harm? Visiting the Elephant Hospital may be the best way for you to experience these lovely animals in the most eco-friendly and least harmful manner. Vsite and help the Southern Elephant Hospital here.


18. Visit Temples

Temples can be found in most of the places in Thailand. And one of the most recommended temple you must visit is definitely the stunning Tiger Cave Temple, an iconic viewpoint of Krabi and a challenging hike to achieve this view. You can also visit Wat Kaew located right in the heart of Krabi Town and many more to explore such as Chinese temples, mosques, and one of the most famous and wonderlous religious monuments like the Penis Statue near Pranang Cave on Railay. Wonder the dresscode to wear to temples? 


19. Explore the beauty of darkness in the caves

The geography of Krabi is as unique as it is diverse. From towering limestone mountains that shoot up from the landscape, to caves that tunnel their way into the earth. Explore the otherworldliness of these caves and enjoy the silence and darkness but please don’t to touch or make any physical contact with anything inside because it has taken centuries for them to be created. Take a kayak through caves and experience the excitement.


20. Roadtrip!

Last but not least, it is you trip that you get to design just as fun as you want. Who knows? You might be discovering something we haven’t even known about! Be curious, be adventurous, and stay hungry for new experiences that are about to happen no matter when you go. Be adventurous, but also learn about 4 Rules To Know Before Renting a Bike in Thailand.