Do you cancel the tour if it’s raining?

Your safety is the first thing we concern about. If the weather condition is considered to be unsafety for you, the tour operator will decide to cancel the trip. However, rain isn’t often counted as a severe thing. For this case, You can either 100% refund or postpone your trip to the next day or another chosen day.

If the tour operator decides to not cancel the trip but you are not confident to take that trip and would like to cancel, it has to follow the cancellation policy. However, we know how much you looking forward to your memorable trip so we’d like to encourage you to postpone to another day before cutting everything off at the first time.

Arriving at the airport in the morning, will I be able to take a morning tour?

It is possible but it depends on what time you can arrive at your hotel to be picked up. We recommend taking an afternoon tour instead so you won’t become hectic and also you still have little time left to rest before trip starts!

Departing in the evening, is it possible to make any trip happen that day?

If your flight departs after 7 pm, it is still possible to take a full-day tour but it also depends if you are taking a domestic or an international flight. Leave time for showing, transportation to the airport, and your flight check-in. Although, we recommend taking a half day morning tour to be safe in terms of timing. So you have the spare time for any urgent case. And please directly inform us what time you need to arrive at the airport so we will be able to arrange the right tour for you.

My hotel is not in the provided pick-up area

Generally, each trip booking, the free picking up and drop off service is available for the specific areas. Please choose the area your hotel locates on when you make booking. If your hotel is out or range from our specific locations, after you complete the trip booking, please contact us. The private pick-up service is possible, we will confirm you right after.

Arring the early morning and can’t check into my hotel until afternoon. Where can I store my luggage while I’m on your tour.

Normally, hotels in Krabi allow guest to store their luggages first if they come prior to the Check-In time. For worst case that you can’t find that service, leaving luggages with tour operator is possible but please keep the valuable things with you because they will not responsible for that.

I want to book your tour but it’s sold out. Will it be possible to just add a few more people on the tour?

Normally, we would like to repect the other people on the tour as our promise says to that spefific amount. However, you can always email us to final check and if luckily there are last-minutes spots, you can defiinitely be on the tour.

Will you wait for me if I’m late?

As the driver normal picks up travelers from various locations, it is most convenient for both parties to be prepared before the actual pick-up time. In the case of emergency ,you can call us immediately we and will try our best to be flexible.

What do I do if there is a problem with my pick-up?

Due to the various pick-up locations, your ride might not arrive at the exact time as schedules but we normally ask our customers to leave the stand-by time within 30-minute range. If the ride does not arrive longer than 15 minutes after that, you can call us as soon as you can for us to check with your pick-up ride.

What happens if I want to cancel?

Traveler can make cancellation by loging in with conditions as followed.

Once making cancellation or requesting refunds, 10% of the total amount is non-refundable. This 10% will be used to cover fees connected to your booking such as credit card transactions and other administrative charges. Refunds will only be issued to the card used to purchase the tour.

  • If you cancel your booking with more than 7 days notice we will refund 90% of your totaly trip price.
  • If you cancel your booking with more than 2 days notice we will refund 70% of your totaly trip price.
  • Cancellations less than 48 hours in advance are non-refundable. Please read more in Cancellation & Refunds

In case of emergency, traveler is not able to make cancellation through website, traveler can inform Everyday Krabi immediately before 7 am of the travel date. We can have the tour postponed to the prefered date unless traveler would like to cancel the tour, the cancellation can be made as the Cancellation Processmentioned above.

What happens if you cancel my tour?

We normally don’t cancel the tours at the last minutes, but if the condition due to the weather, for everyone’s safety concern, you can have your trip postpnes to teh day after or prefered date, or we can also refund the full amount back to you.

Who are your partners?

Our partner tour operators are our own selections whom we have taken their services before and so often based on our friends, family, and customers’ satisfaction and impression. Trust us, we have selected the best for you.

The tour that I’m looking for is not listed on your website. Can you recommend where to book it?

As most of the tour operators are in our circle, we will be able to recommend you the tours you are looking for eventhough they are not listed by us. Please don’t hesitate to email us away.

Do I need ot print out my ticket?

As it is required by most tour operators to collect the ticket as booking evidence, traveler can print out the ticket on a recycled paper or only print out the bottom of the ticket where shown “Cut this peice for tour operator”.

How much time do I need in Krabi if I want to explore everything?

There is a massive variety to explore in Krabi. If you have at least 3-5 days and want to explore most of the places, it should be enough for you to go hard-core. However, to really absorb “Krabi” vibe and lifestyle, we suggest taking 5-10 days off and make the best out of your vacation to explore, relax, and really see Krabi as the way it is rather than just tourism.