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Local Village Experience on Koh Klang

Hop on a long-tail boat ride through Krabi river, cool off your day and listen the sound of nature

One of the top chosen destinations in Krabi to really soak into the culture and rawness of Southern Thailand. Just a boat ride away, here appears an island of rich culture and history of the local people of Krabi. This is not something you can find just anywhere. 


You will be exploring the boat ride experience to Koh Klang, riding a tricycle through the island, try out rice farming and harvesting which occur during rice farming season from August - December every year, make your own 100% natural tir dye and batik painting, eat local-style meal, clam digging on the beach. All the things you might have never done before.

Getting ready

We recommend you to wear something that is rather more concealed in order to respect the cultural place you will be visiting. You also will get muddy from rice farming so sandals are recommended along with something you can easily get dirty with. Go experience another corner of Krabi! 

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Local Village Experience on Koh Klang - Koh Klang Fisherman Village Experience - Half day

This local experience will take you through the Koh Klang, a place rich of culture and smiles. You will get to try out rice farming & harvesting (On August, September and December), make your own natural tie dye or batik, eat the local-style meal, evening clam digging on the beach (**Please noted that those activities can be adjusted due to the best time of weather and tide condition on your travel date. We will confirm the itinerary with you again after your booking. )

Adult 1500.0THB / Children 1100.0THB / Infant 0.0THB
08:00 - 13:00, 14.00-19.00
  • Suitable for all levels and ages
  • Enjoy because this is a private Trip
  • Group Size up to 4 traveler
  • Hotel Transfer (Krabi town area / Aonang Area) 
  • ​Round-trip boat transfers from Pier 
  • Transportation on Koh Klang 
  • English-speaking Guide
  • Tie Dye Course & Tool Kit
  • Local Lunch

14:00 Pick up from hotel
14:30 Meet up at Thara Park pier
15:00 Tie Dye/Batik Making
16:00 Rice Farming/ Clam Digging
17:30 Local Seafood dinner
18:30 Back to Pier
19:00 Arrive Hotel

  • Our offered activities can be adjusted due to the best time of weather and tide condition on your travel date. Please feel free to email us at for further information.
  • The program can be changed or adjusted by the operator depending on weather conditon for all travelers’ safety.

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